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Six Points of Diesel24 Advantages


Highest possible security standards.

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The Diesel 24 Card is highly customizable.

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Simplified Invoicing

Complicated payment receipts processing is history.

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Breakdown Service

Secure and safe in case of any breakdown - 24/7

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Diesel 24 Management Portal

Wide range of services available online.

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A widespread network of partner filling stations with a 24/7 filing service.

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Diesel 24 Station

About Diesel 24

“The most reliable partner of national and international transportation sector since 1994.”

Diesel 24 International, founded in 1994 and based in Klagenfurt, is a medium-sized issuer of fuel cards.Our basic product is an ISO certified fuel card, the Diesel 24 Card. The Diesel 24 fuel card can be used for the supply of fuel - primarily for Diesel and AdBlue at all partner fueling stations, enabling our customers to refuel without cash.

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Fuel Card

“Highest international requirements for cashless fuel up.”

The Diesel 24 Card is a fuel card for business customers. Diesel 24 Card is linked to one of Europe's most advanced server systems and is constantly updated according to the latest ISO standards. It therefore meets the highest international requirements - in all respects.

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Toll Service

“Diesel 24 makes use of various HGV tolls easy”

Although efforts are being made by State toll operators to create a unified tolling system for the whole of Europe at a point in the future, the individual country tolls still function very differently. Diesel 24 will assist you in every aspect regarding the use of the various HGV tolls in Europe.

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VAT Refund

“VAT refund from all EU countries”

Diesel 24 offers VAT refund from all EU countries to all EU customers. Non-EU customers can apply VAT refund from most EU countries.

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Our Online services

We have a wide range of services available to you 24/7 at our online customer portal:

  • Transaction Data
  • Card Blocking
  • Limit Tool
  • Card Ordering
  • Transaction Email
  • Invoice Data
  • Price Information
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Feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Our staff will answer all your questions and solve your issues immediately. Diesel 24 employees cover more than 12 different languages.

SERVICE LINE outside opening hours: +381 69 372 20 77